What do you think of learning Chinese? Is English more difficult than Chinese?

Author by: Wei En

When we look at the vocabulary, English is more difficult than Chinese.

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5 Important Confucian Chinese Characters

Author by: Aaron Posehn

Although it is today an officially atheistic country

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How To Use The Structural Particle “地” In Chinese Grammar

Author by: Rita Zhang

The Structural Particle 地 is described as tǔyě de, as it contains 土 (tǔ) and 也 (yě).

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How to say "to find" in Chinese - 找到 "zhao dao"

Author by: Thomas Doherty


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Prince William opens China Center at Oxford University

Author by: Xinhua and Staff Reporter

Prince William speaks at the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the China Center at Oxford University

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What we can ALL learn from the Chinese travel market

Author by: http://www.tnooz.com/

For many in the travel industry, the Chinese travel market – and aviation in particular – remains a paradox.

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RCS says ‘ni hao’ to Chinese language instruction

Author by: Mary Beth Almond

he start of the school year means new classrooms, new teachers and learning a new language for many students in the Rochester Community Schools district.

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Motivation and Language Acquisition

Author by: betterchinese

The result of globalization has heightened the need to learn additional language(s) and has resulted in an increasing number of foreign language programs

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Students celebrate Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival

Author by: Nolly Dakroury

Chinese communities around the world celebrated the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival on Monday.

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Comparing language courses: Private vs Group vs Online Lessons

Author by: Zoe Wells

Learning a new language is always a fun challenge. There are varying ways a learner can embark upon a language course

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Seven Springs to host Chinese students

Author by: Ronnie Blair

NEW PORT RICHEY — A group of middle school students from China plans to spend about two months at Seven Springs Middle School

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Moon Festival shares traditional Chinese culture

Author by: http://utdailybeacon.com/

The Chinese Moon Festival, or Mid-Autumn Festival, is a traditional celebration held the 15th day of the eighth month of the Chinese calendar. The University of Tennessee Confucius Institute

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了 grammar: four kinds of 了 in Mandarin

Author by: eastasiastudent.net

了 grammar is hard. This particle has a lot of uses and it’s difficult to pin down anything specific about how and when it’s used.

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How to say " to arrive late " in Chinese - 迟到 "chi dao "

Author by: studymorechinese

When tardy, your Mandarin teacher may say this to you or occasionally your Chinese friends. When you are off schedule, the waitress at the Taipei Dumpling

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Can I Learn Chinese? Easy Chinese Learning Tutorial- How to read Pinyin

Author by: http://www.telecomfile.com/chinese-learning.html

Watch video related to your question chinese learning. Rate this video to help us improve our answer and provide best video for your queries.

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