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We understand that our clients need:
■Time Saving Solution – save commute time
■Flexible Schedule – anywhere, anytime
■Interactive Education – speaking&listening practice

■Customized program – individual instruction

Thus, TutorChinese incorporates the functions of the Online Scheduling System (OSS) with the Private Tutoring Program (PTR), strengthening the connection between students and their personal tutors. Besides, we encourage our students to have further interaction between each other, through virtual communities and study groups in the real life. All in all, learning Chinese is not just a task, but a part of life.

There is an old saying in Chinese, “善之本在教,教之本在師” (李覯Li-Go, 1009~1059, Song dynasty)which means that the root(本)of goodness(善)is education(教), and the root of education is tutor(師). It stresses the significance of finding a good tutor. And this is our mission: to offer our clients the best tutors.

Currently, more than one thousand students from all walks of life, ranging in age from 15 to 65, are learning Chinese in our school. They are all satisfied with our convenient and extremely customized Chinese language education service, and especially their personal tutors.

Every step we have taken is meant to serve our students better. Now, everyone can take one-to-one online Chinese programs with professional  Chinese tutorsas long as the Internet is available. TutorChinese will continuously provide the best Chinese language education service and accompany you during the exploration of Chinese language learning and its fascinating culture. 

谢谢Xie Xie!

TutorChinese優勢: 1. 自行設計的教學系統,不需事先安裝軟體 2. 操作簡單,任何人均可輕鬆上手 3. 跨越國界,只要您連得上網,就可教學 4. 老師排課容易,排課表一目瞭然 5. 教案事先統一設計,免去老師準備的麻煩 6. 學員眾多,容易累積教學經驗,不需出國就可以認識外國朋友 7. 比照家教薪水,秀才不出門,就可以荷包滿滿 8. 定期競賽,優勝老師可得額外獎金
巴黎孔子學院影響 兩千法國人學中文 法國巴黎“孔子學院”近日舉辦的第三次面向社會“開放日”中,公開講授的漢語課,以及向法國公眾展示的中國書法藝術課、中國古典武術課,深深打動眾多熱愛中國文化的法國人士。 武漢大學自今年6月與巴黎迪德羅大學合辦這所“孔子學院”以來,已超過400位法國學員接受了漢語教學課程。其中“中國文化系列講座”、“開放日”、“中國文化周”、“攝影展”、“夏令營”等活動,吸引了2000餘位法國公眾參與。